Kids Classic Card Games

Kids’ Classic Card Games is true to its title.  It includes old familiar card games such as War, Old Maid, Go Fish, and Crazy Eights.

If you aren’t familiar with any of these card games, you can play in tutorial mode.  I used it to refresh my memory on the rules, and to get a feel for how this particular version is played.

In War, you go back and forth comparing the numbers on your cards.  The player who gets the highest card wins and gets all of the cards from that round.  If you both get the same card, it is war.  That just means that you put down three cards face down and one face up.  The winner gets all of the cards.  This cycle goes on until one player gets the whole deck.  It is pretty simple.  I got a little bored with it after awhile.  This particular game just doesn’t have the same feel on the Kindle as it does with physical cards.

Everyone is probably familiar with Go Fish, and lots of kids learn it at a young age.  In Kids’ Classic Card Games you play against three other players.  Use the tutorial to help you leanr how to ask certain players for the cards you need to create matches.

Crazy Eights is a lot like UNO.  You just have to match up your cards with the one in the center pile by suit or number.  Eight is a wild card.  The first player who runs out of cards wins.

Old Maid is pretty simple.  Each player starts with 13 cards, with one holding 14.  The extra one is the Joker, and it doesn’t have a match.   With each turn, you give a card to the player on the left.  All cards that are matched up get discarded.  Once everyone runs out, whoever ends up with the Joker loses and is the Old Maid.

Overall, I thought this game was designed well, and is pretty intuitive as far as navigation goes.  You just use the 5-way toggle, and are playing against the Kindle’s auto generated players.  A couple of additional games to add that might appeal to older kids: Black Jack and Hearts.

Candace Kiekhefer

“I puchased this game today and was not disappointed. I think Sonic Boom did a fine job putting this together. All 4 games use a standard deck of cards to play with. The cards themselves are very clear and easy to read. Each game plays in a timely manner with no lagging on Kindle’s part. There are no complicated control moves to learn. I have played each of the games and they all play the way we all learned how to play them when we were kids.”

Kids Classic Card Games is now compatible with the latest generation keyboardless Kindle.

Kindle 4 Apps

Not all Kindle applications work on the newest Kindle 4 model without a keyboard ($79 with special offers and $99 without). If you are purchased apps in the past for your Kindle 2 or Kindle 3, these apps will show up in the “Archived Items”. But when you will try to download them you will get a message telling you “Item Not Available – This item is not available for this device type”.

Amazon has foreseen that trying to use apps designed for physical keyboard on a device that doesn’t have it will not be enjoyable. So they hand-picked 20 applications that don’t rely on keyboard and would do just fine with 5-way controller.

If you just purchased Kindle 4 or planning to and are wondering which apps will run on your device, here’s a list of 20 (out of 145) Kindle app titles that do well without a keyboard:

I’ll keep updating this list periodically and will update app reviews themselves with list of Kindle platforms that app supports.