Bubble Pop

Bubble Pop is the first game that I’ve gotten the opportunity to compare both Kindle 2 and Kindle Touch versions.  The Kindle Touch version wins hands down as far as navigation goes, but this game is rated quite highly on both Kindle Touch and non touch screen Kindles.

Bubble Pop is pretty self explanatory.  Simply pop matching bubbles until you run out of moves.  If you run out prematurely, the game is over.  Try to match the biggest groups of one color as you can because the bigger groupings get more points.

There are two game types; Classic and Puzzle.  Classic constantly fills the board as you pop the bubbles until you no longer have any moves left.  The puzzle mode takes away bubbles until they are all gone or until you run out of moves.

With the Kindle Touch, all you have to do is touch the matching bubbles and they pop.  For Kindles that include a toggle button, you have to move the cursor around until you get to the bubbles you want to pop.  The toggle button slows everything down considerably, but it is still a fun game regardless.

Bubble Pop’s graphics are about equal for both types of Kindles.  The bubble colors are distinguished by different shades or patterns.  They look really crisp and easy to see.  If you get stuck, there is a hint option.  The game isn’t timed, but the best thing you can do is to try to beat your own previous scores.

So, overall, Bubble Pop is easy to learn and is great for all ages.  You know how it can be fun and addicting to pop bubble wrap?  Well Bubble Pop is the same type of deal.


“A great game for having some quick mindless fun just poping bubbles willy nilly, or a game of strategic moves that maximize a high score.This game moves very fast given that you’re playing on a Kindle. Another good feature is that the game tells you when no more moves are possible so you aren’t just spinning your wheels.”

Lady Galaxy

“This game reminds me of the very first game I ever downloaded to my little Mac Classic when the world of computers was oh so new and oh so simple. It’s easy to play. It doesn’t require that you learn or remember a lot of complex keystrokes to play. All you need on a Kindle Keyboard is the 5-way controller and a few minutes of spare time. The hard part is stopping. Popping all those bubbles is a great way to rest your mind.”