The Little Stick that Could

The Little Stick that Could is a great little interactive Kindle book for kids.  It may be enjoyable for adults, but I beat it pretty quickly.

In the beginning you get introduced to Stick, a young boy who is small, but don’t let his size fool you.  He is more powerful than any other stick person in Woodenton.

Every 100 years, a dragon shows up to terrorize the town.  He is pretty greedy and likes to snatch any shiny or pretty thing in his path.  That includes cute little stick girls like Stick’s girlfriend Sally.

After the dragon makes off with Sally, Stick finds his way to the dragon’s lair. He must navigate the castle first. Along the way, you’ll answer questions and riddle that will determine Stick and Sally’s fate.  Stick acquires the necessary super powers to defeat the dragon.

The language used in The Little Stick that Could is really cute.  The “bad guys” were threatening, but not threatening enough to scare kids.  Perfect for a bedtime read with your child.  I think this interactive book will usher in a future of interactive children’s books.  Interactive Kindle books encourages both children and adults to put their thinking skills to work.

The graphics were clear and easy to see.  All of the characters fit their personalities.  I found them kind of amusing.

Navigation is pretty straightforward. You’ll answer questions throughout the story using “A” or “B” on the Kindle keyboard.  The rest of the navigation is done with the 5-way toggle button.

I haven’t gotten a chance to see what happens if I make other choices yet.  Feel free to chime in if you’ve played The Little Stick that Could and got different results.  I think for the intended audience, it will be a happily ever after ending regardless.

The Little Stick that Could is available on the newest generation Kindle as well as older models.


“The little stick that could is a fun interactive story, in which Stick, the main character, has to go on an epic adventure to save his girl friend Sally, who has been kidnapped by a really mean dragon. Will you save Sally and beat the game? On the way to save Sally you are faced with choices of what to do. What will you choose? Overall this is a pretty good game but it only took me about ten minutes to beat on my first try.”