Monopoly is the most well known board game in the world.  You can play it in the original board game format, on the computer, on your smartphone and on the Kindle.

The Kindle version of Monopoly has a good set up, but can use a few tweaks here and there to make it easier to navigate and find your playing pieces.

I think the “Help” section is great, and it is very useful for getting the feel for the game on the Kindle platform.  Also, try ” Tutorial” when you first start.  It gives you direction throughout the game.

The graphics are decent.  I agree with the many reviewers who said it was difficult to distinguish between your piece and the opponent’s because they aren’t marked very well.  It took me a minute to find mine on the board.

As you know, Monopoly is a really addicting game, and can last forever if you let it.  The Kindle version is no different.  Countless reviewers remarked how addicting it is.  You can play against the Kindle, or you can Pass ‘N Play with your friends and family.

I remember, before the Kindle came out, I’d have to travel with the original board games, and there was always a good chance that we’d lose pieces along the way.  With the Kindle, and even with the smartphone versions, you no longer have to worry about losing pieces.

As with many Kindle games, this one requires heavy use of the 5-way toggle button.  Future adjustment suggestions could be to utilize the keyboard more so you don’t wear out the toggle button.

The Kindle version of Monopoly is customizable.  You can create “House Rules” to determine whether players get extra money for passing “Go” and more.  You also have three levels of game difficulty ranging from easy to hard.  Whether these levels are actually easy or hard depends on the skill levels of the players.

Scott from Detroit

“The game delivers the true Monopoly feel. Computer AI is, for the most part, rather logical. Graphics are crisp and clear. Screen draws and navigation aren’t too slow.

Some added bonuses include the ability to have multiple human and CPU players at the same time, custom house rules, and the ability to choose what game pieces the AI uses. ”

I can definitely see a great potential for improvements in Monopoly as the Kindle product gets upgraded.  Right now, the game is listed at its full price: $4.99.  Be on the look out for sales.  It has been marked as low as .99 occasionally.