Mystery Castle Dawn of Illusion

Mystery Castle: Dawn of Illusion is not one of the best Kindle games out there, but it is still a fun logic maze game.  In the spirit of Halloween it is currently only .99.

When I first arrived in the game I had to select the first puzzle.  Once in the puzzle, Monty the Wizard meets the knight, who explains Monty’s mission. You are Monty, and your goal is to unlock each maze and progress through the castle.  To do this, you have to pick up 5 skulls and exit out of the skull door.

If you want a more detailed instruction manual, press Menu and choose “Instructions” from the list.

Mystery Castle is not just an average maze navigation puzzle game.  You’ll need to use some logic to make sure you don’t use up all of your keys before all  of the doors are unlocked.  I immediately fell into this trap.

I think the graphics could use some improvements.  For me at least, it was kind of hard to tell what things were.  The skulls and keys were a little light, and the doors didn’t look that much like doors.  This may be just due to the fact that I am currently using an older Kindle model.  The e-ink display is much better on newer models.

The navigation is through the 5-way toggle button.  Monty moves in a continuous fashion, and as he passes by the objects, they automatically get picked up.

Common thoughts throughout all of the reviews were that the graphics need improvement, a hint system would be helpful, and there weren’t enough mazes.

I  think Mystery Castle has a lot of potential to be a really good game if it makes the suggested improvements.

Mystery Castle: Dawn of Illusion is available on the latest generation Kindle as well as older models.

Candace Kiekhefer

“I think this is a very fun game to play. Well worth the $1.99 price. My only complaint is that there are no hints as to how to solve the levels. I am currently stuck on a level and haven’t any idea how to get by it. I agree with the other reviewer when they said an update with hints or even solutions would be nice. This is why I only gave the game 3 stars. I don’t mind having to figure out solutions but sometimes a little hint is needed when the solution just doesn’t come to you. ”

Ed Pegg

“In short, all of these puzzles are mazes. You must find a particular route, and if you pick up keys or open doors or collapse floors in the wrong order, you’ll likely arrive at a dead end. These are frequently called Logic Mazes, or Multistate Mazes. Expect to do a lot of starting over until you get the hang of it.”