Anywhere Spreadsheet

I’m impressed with the quality and features in Anywhere Spreadsheet.  It isn’t as powerful as Microsoft Excel, but it includes built in templates, and allows customizations.  The biggest perk is the portability.

As far as power goes, you have to consider the platform the application is working on.  However, the newer Kindle models are boasting some pretty powerful processors these days.

Anywhere Spreadsheet has tools that can help you calculate various things like sale price, temperature conversion, tips, BMI, and more.  Just select “tools” from the menu.

This amazing tool also includes templates for lists and logs that track weight, groceries, running time, and even chores.  Good for those who go everywhere with their Kindles.  Spreadsheets keep the logs a lot more organized than the standard list.

The menu options are huge font size wise, which makes them so much easier to navigate.  The navigation is done with the 5-way toggle button.  If you open a new blank spreadsheet, all you have to do is select the cell you want to fill in and type the information.  It will fill in at the top, but once you’re finished, it will fill the cell you selected.  This threw me off at first, but it is a good idea because there’s more space to write above the cells.

You can also download small CSV files via USB cable into Anywhere Spreadsheet.  Maybe in the future the system will be powerful enough to support downloads from Excel files themselves.  For more information and how to access imported CSV files, click the “Import” section in the main menu.

Nickel Buddy is primarily known for its exercise collection.  I was surprised to see a spreadsheet from them, but it is their best Kindle app so far.  At least from a graphics standpoint.

Rodney B. Rich

” would like to see enhancements such as sorting and better (more extensive) cell formatting tools but hey, this is on a Kindle which makes this tool already pretty amazing! I can’t wait to see where they go with this app in future releases.

Like I said, not a full blown spreadsheet like Excel, but it has real potential and gets the job done for many tasks. Not at all bad for being on a non-adroid e-reader! I love my Kindle 🙂 ”


“In a word incredible portability and a really usefull, you can make from notes, contacts, to calculations….! I will say it is a big step forward for the Kindle apps.”

My Yoga Studio

My Yoga Studio is the best app out of the whole fitness collection by Nickel Buddy. The biggest reason is that they have well written instructions for each exercise in the routines.

Each exercise is a yoga pose. You can use the routines that are built in, or you can design your own. I think it is good to know a little bit about yoga before attempting My Yoga Studio so that you don’t do any poses incorrectly. Sometimes exercises done incorrectly can cause injuries.

As the program warns, see a doctor before attempting any of the routines. My Yoga Studio is geared more towards adults.

The graphics are good. Just follow the prompts. The program will automatically move on to the next pose unless you pause it yourself. Use the menu options to pause the routine.

There are three routines to choose from with multiple poses within them. There is a picture that displays the pose, and instructions to describe the poses in detail.

The biggest complaint against all of the programs in Nickel Buddy’s Kindle fitness collection are that they have no audio signal. Yoga is such a calming, peaceful exercise program, that it is a little disruptive to have to keep checking the Kindle when you change poses. Audio is a good suggestion for upcoming updates to the device and to the program.

So, overall, aside from a few tweaks here and there, My Yoga Studio is a great program to use on the go. No extra equipment is required, but it might be helpful to have a yoga mat if you can’t find a comfortable surface to do your exercises on. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and fits in well with the other Kindle exercise programs available.

L Mccartney

“Overall My Yoga Studio is very easy to use and it is easy to make your own routines. However… would be much better if it was an “Audible” app. A little music and and audible indication of what the next movement is, or, at the very least, a beep or tone to indicate the time to move to the next movement would be great! ”

Lisa Venn

“Tip for Kindle Apps and Amazon — Make these apps so we can download them not only to our Kindles, but also to our laptops using Kindle software. The bigger screen and ability to move laptop screen to whatever angle you need is important to get the most out of this app and other apps. Propping up the kindle can be annoying. ”


Anywhere Legs

Anywhere Legs is a good workout companion that can be done in just 10 minutes in the office, at home, or on vacation.  It goes well with Nickel Buddy’s other Kindle exercise tools: Anywhere Abs and My Yoga Studio.

Anywhere Legs is a quick set of workouts designed to tone and strengthen your leg muscles.  There are three routines, and they each have a beginner, intermediate and advanced level.  There are six different exercises in each routine.

Anywhere Legs is set up pretty much the same way as Anywhere Abs.  So, the same suggestions apply: audio signals and more obvious well written instructions to explain the exercises.  You can press Help to access instructions, but I think it would be easier to follow if it is actually with the  picture.  It is kind of difficult to get to Help in the middle of an exercise.  Audio will hopefully be better integrated into future versions of the Kindle.

The worst thing that can happen is to get an injury from performing the exercises incorrectly.  As with any other exercise routine, make sure to check with your doctor to make sure you are physically able to perform the exercises.

Anywhere Legs includes a timer that times each exercise.  All of the graphics are easy to see.  Some examples of the exercises include lunches, stretching, and pilates like exercises.  So, there is a good, well rounded selection.

The biggest advantage that Anywhere Legs and the others in the collection have are that they are really inexpensive and super portable.  Even exercise DVD’s can run anywhere from $10-20.  With the apps on your Kindle, you can slip it into a tote and take them wherever you go.

John Stenson

“An audible timer might be nice as another reviewer pointed out, but it’s not really that big of a deal for me. I prop up my Kindle in front of me while I do the exercises anyway and it’s easy enough to just glance at the screen to see the timer.

Overall, this is a great addition to my Kindle and I highly recommend it. Just having a few exercises on my Kindle is a little reminder to get up and move, so it’s a great motivation!”

Good future additions to the collection would be Pilates and Kickboxing.  Both can be done without any equipment.  But, it might be more fun if you put on a little music.


Anywhere Abs

I never even considered the idea that the Kindle could be used as a portable exercise tool until I found Anywhere Abs.  This app is designed to help strengthen your core, and can be done anywhere that has enough floor space.  No extra equipment is required.

When you get into Anywhere Abs, you’ll find two routines.  Each routine has several levels that range from beginner to advanced.  There are different timed exercises within each routine.  A few examples include sit ups, planks, and other important core strengthening exercises.

The timer usually runs for 30 or 60 seconds, and it gives you a few seconds to get yourself situated.  the more advanced levels have longer routines  If you need help during the exercises, you can always press the menu button and review instructions or pause the routine.

The graphics are well done and easy to see.  The only major drawback that I can see is the lack of audio.  You have to watch your Kindle to monitor the time.  After I noticed this, I checked the reviews, and most of them say the exact same thing.  You also have to check it for the specific exercises.  I think it would be very helpful to have audio guidance so the transitions between exercises can be a lot smoother.

Another suggestion is to add written instructions to explain each exercise.  It took me a minute to figure out exactly what I was supposed to do.  It is important to do the routines correctly so that you can prevent injuries.

As with any exercise program, make sure you are physically able to do the exercises before attempting these and risking injury.

Anywhere Abs is a great portable exercise tool.  You can do this in your office or on vacation when the hotel doesn’t have a gym.  Anywhere Abs is so much cheaper than an exercise video or gym membership!


“I really love how this is set-up, so anyone, no matter what level they are, can do these ab exercises, and you even choose between two different collections of exercises. I just wish that there could be an audible timer so one doesn’t have to keep an eye on the Kindle while attempting the workout. I am trying to get my husband to try this out as well. I just purchased the yoga version and am excited to see how that works out. ”

M. Knaus

“These is a great idea and makes me take a break from reading and get the blood flowing. I REALLY wish I could access this (and anywhere legs) through the Kindle app on my iPad and iPhone!”