Snakes and Ladders

Most of you are probably familiar with the Chutes and Ladders board game. It was one of those old, familiar games from my childhood. Basically, you’re trying to race the other player(s) up the board to win.  The Kindle has a spin off of this game called Snakes and Ladders.

If you run into a snake, you get knocked down. If you land at the bottom of a ladder, you get to move up it. Your points are determined by the number on the square that you are on, plus the number on your dice.

The Kindle version of Snakes and Ladders is off to a good start. It just needs a little work in the graphics department.

The dice is pretty easy to see, and you just press the toggle button to roll it. There are keyboard shortcuts for every command as well. You can play against the Kindle, or other players.  I recommend getting someone besides the Kindle to play with you.  Playing the Kindle gets a little old after awhile since all youa re doing is rolling the dice.

There are three modes: Play, Play and Count, and Play and Learn Math. The Play mode does everything except for the dice roll automatically. The other two require maneuvering around the board and basic addition skills.

The board needs a lot more contrast. My piece is noted by a star, but I found myself looking all over the board trying to figure out what square I was on. It needed to stand out better among the snakes and ladders. In a sense, you don’t HAVE to know where your piece is because it is moved automatically in the Play mode, but it is good to keep track of it anyway.

You can play with several other people. I can only imagine how crazy that would get!

All of the reviews pretty much echo what I have already said about the graphics.  It is a simple game that can be great for kids.  The Snakes and Ladders game has a lot of potential. With a few tweaks here and there, it can be a great game for the Kindle.

Judy Stambaugh

“I purchased this game for my 5 yr. old granddaughter while she was visiting for the summer. She wanted to play games on my Kindle, but of course can’t read or spell yet and most of my games are word games. So, I purchased this so she would have something to play on Kindle. She liked the game. It’s like the shoots and ladders game. You can play it against the Kindle and you can count your spaces yourself or the Kindle will count for you and make your moves. She counted herself and made her own moves. When you make a correct move you get a smiley face so she could play without help from me. I’d recommend this for children.”