Peg Solitaire

Peg Solitaire has the best ratings that I have seen so far.  It is really inexpensive, but you definitely get a well executed game for that great price.

I spent a few minutes looking over the instructions.  They explain the basics of the game well.  You’ll also notice some personalizations such as “quick move” and “animations” that can make the game better fit your preferences.  Fancy graphics are great, but they can also take away from the flow of the game.  So I’m one who prefers speed over graphics.  But, others might feel differently.

Have you ever noticed the little coffee table peg solitaire games?  This is the same idea, but the pegs are arranged in a variety of different shapes.  There are linear shapes that only allow you to move your peg horizontal or vertical, or triangular based shapes that allow a lot more moves.

Your ultimate goal is to skip over all pegs and remove them from the board, except for one in the double highlighted square.  Arrows tell you what direction you can go.  The game is complete even if you make it to the last peg without landing in that special square, but it will prompt you to decide whether you want to play again to see if you do make it.

In a lot of Kindle games, when pieces are moved around, they leave a shadow or trail.  Peg Solitaire doesn’t do that.  The pegs move very smoothly.  The color contrast is well done.

Clueless Nerd

“You get a wide variety of puzzles and the interface is very easy to use. You can easily “undo” moves when you can see you’re on the wrong track as will definitely happen when you try the harder ones (or if you’re like me even the easy ones). And even better, it’s about the price of a soda. You would spend at LEAST 5-10 times that amount of money for a solitaire board IF you can even find one these days. ”

There is another Peg Solitaire game for the Kindle that is created by Nice Games.  It is a dollar cheaper, but quality wise, it doesn’t quite measure up to the Compulab version.  The Compulab version also has more games and a better variety.  But, if you want more games, you have this one available to you.

Another idea for future version: pegs with fancier shapes.  Something interesting to look at while playing.  But at the same time, they don’t want to be so elaborate that they would slow down the game.

Peg Solitaire is now compatible with the latest generation keyboardless Kindle.