With Nonograms, you are basically fitting pieces of a puzzle together so that all of the pieces will match the numbers assigned for the grid.

For example, if one grid has numbers, 6 1, then you need a row of 6 black squares and 1 black square separated by a white one.  The squares fit into the numbers assigned for both vertical and horizontal rows.

If you would rather not pay a few bucks for this type of puzzle game, you can check out Amazon’s own logic game: Pixel Perfect Puzzles.  It is a free version of Nonograms, and has great reviews.  The major difference is that Picture Perfect Puzzles creates actual pictures, whereas, Nonograms is a randomly generated grid.

Because of the pictures created in the Pixel Perfect Puzzles game, I would think you’d be able to complete the puzzles a lot faster because of context clues.  It is a matter of preference as to what puzzle is better.

In Nonograms, you use the spacebar to mark a black box.  If you want to undo it, you can either hit spacebar again, or clear it with the toggle button.  You can also put a dot in the squares as a placeholder with the toggle button as well.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find keyboard shortcuts for items such as hint and solution.  They’re easy to remember: “H” and “S”.  If you decide to use these, and the clock is running, they will stop it.  So, that particular game will not be scored.

I enjoyed the game.  It was easy to pick up once I got started.  If you like logic games, this would be a good fit.  It works fine with the Kindle platform.  The graphics are good.  If you try the free version first and want more puzzles, Nonograms is is a great choice.

K Wagner

“Of the 3 versions for Kindle. I like it best. First, there are no silly pictures, only randomly generated grids in 3 sizes 10 by 10, 15 by 15, or 20 by 20. You will never be finished with it. Two, input is really easy, use the 4 way function to move to a square, press the space bar to make it “black”, or any key directly above the space bar to make it “not black”, there are also 2 other possibilities-“maybe black” or “maybe not black”.

There are only 1 or 2 drawbacks, every 5th gridline is not heavily drawn and I find the 20 by 20 to be a little too small for my eyes especially without every 5th gridline not being heavily drawn.”