POGO Hearts, Spades, and More

POGO Hearts, Spades and More is a lot like the games you find on your Mac or PC.  There are five games included in the Kindle version: Hearts, Spades, Euchre, Gin, and Canasta.

Hearts is the one I’m the most familiar with.  The goal is to finish the game with the fewest points possible.  The card to avoid is the queen of spades.  This will add 13 points to your score.  If a player gets up to 100 points, they automatically lose.

In Spades, you pair up into two teams.  The team that bids and wins the most number of hands wins.  You have to play against the Kindle for all of the games in POGO Hearts, Spades and More.  They present a challenge, but not overly so.

Euchre is played in pairs as well.  the goal of this game is to get as many tricks per game as possible.  In order to get a trick, you have to play the highest trump card or highest card in the suit if there is no trump card.

The object of Gin is to make sets of cards based on matching rank or runs in suits.  The player with the most matches wins.

In Canasta, each player makes sets of seven cards.  The first player to make sets out of all of their cards wins.

There is a very detailed tutorial included, and when you begin a game for the first time, it will prompt you to decide whether you want to try the tutorial or not.  I haven’t played any of these card games in a long time so it was good to have a refresher.

Most of the EA games are top quality, and Pogo Hearts, Spades, and More is no exception.  Everything was crisp and easy to see.  the only drawback is that it only lets you play Kindle players as opposed to playing with friends or family.


“I play these games regularly on POGO and was delighted to find them packaged for my Kindle. They are fun, easy to play, and the response time on the Kindle is excellent. The graphics are good and navigation is easy. I have also downloaded (and love) other EA games and am thrilled to have these card games available. I have test driven all 5 of them and they play very smoothly, as I expected they would. Euchre is my favorite. Just one more thing to compete with my reading time! ”

Becky B

“Love it….now let’s get a Blackjack game that has at least 3 to 4 players. It’s hard to put down! Was playing it in a restaurant and now one of the servers wants to buy a Kindle! “