Big Holiday Kindle Game Sale

I wrote an earlier post about the holiday themed Kindle games that were released at the beginning of December.  Now, with the holidays upon us, there are several more that have been added to the collection.  All games are going for a great deal at $.99.

Christmas Cocoa Stand is a unique strategy game for all ages.  The object of the game is the sell the most cocoa each day.  In order to do so, you have to maximize the flavor and keep track of how many customers you have.  The better your cocoa tastes, the more customers you’ll get.  It is a good way to teach kids some simple business tricks.  Yet, it also provides enough challenge to make it enjoyable for adults.  This game is one of the top rated in the list of holiday games.

If you’re looking for some adventure, check out Mystery Castle: Winter’s Night.  Mystery Castle; Dawn of Illusion’s Monty returns to tackle the demons of the Ice Palace.  Build bridges and blow up barriers with bombs.  Lots of fun with a wintery twist.

 Mahjong Solitaire Holiday Edition is similar to the original version that consists of uncovering matching tiles.  This game takes a little strategic thinking because you can’t just uncover any tile.  Tiles can be matched when they’re not attached to adjoining tiles.  There are 10 games to choose from with two holiday sets.  So, instead of matching up shapes, you’ll be matching up pictures that go with the season.  This game is compatible with the Kindle Touch.

Snakes Christmas is just a holiday themed version of the simple game: Snakes Basic.  The object is to collect as many pellets as you can without running into your growing tail.  It gets a bit tricky once the snake gets longer, and you can make it go faster in the medium or hard levels.

If you’re planning a trivia night or are spending a lot of time in the car over the holidays, Ultimate Christmas Quiz might be a good game to try.  HandyX has a number of quizzes and all of them can be quite challenging.  So, this is a great game for teens and adults.  Test your knowledge on all things Christmas, and see how well you do.  The questions tend to run in strings of hard ones, then an easy one will pop up to give you a breather.  you can challenge yourself further by adding a timer.

Puzzazz is offering a holiday collection of word games for free called Puzzazz Holiday Gift.  The collection includes word searches and Sudoku and Wordoku puzzles.

Not a bad collection of holiday games for Kindle.  All are available for Kindle devices up to the 4th generation with a few available for the Kindle Touch.  The $.99 sale runs until January 2.  Happy Holidays!

Red Hot Sudoku #1

Red Hot Sudoku  on the Kindle is just the regular Sudoku game we all know and love.

I really like the way they’ve done the graphics. The grids are large and easy to see. You can also “pencil” in possible numbers in a square before you make your decision.

If you aren’t familiar with how Sudoku works, here’s the basics:

Start with a 9×9 grid that has 9 3×3 grids built into it. There are some numbers already added in to get you started. They can be helpful, or annoying depending on how well you fit your numbers in.

You will need to fill every column and row of the 9×9 grid with 1-9, all numbers used once.

Make sure you fill each 3×3 grid with 1-9, all used just once.

I found myself having to move some numbers around after I got through the grid. The grids are a good challenge, but also good for beginners.

There are 33 puzzles to choose from. You can have the game randomly pick a puzzle for you, or choose one yourself. There are also bonus puzzles.

If you don’t have numbers on your Kindle keyboard, you can use the letter equivalents: QWERTYUIO instead of 1-9. I think the only people who will have to use this are Kindle 1 owners. I have a Kindle 2, and there are numbers on my keyboard.

From the main menu, you can change your settings to reflect the numbers or letters, depending on what keyboard you have.

The 5-way toggle button is the main tool to use. You can use it to annotate and insert the numbers. I like the font they use for the numbers. It makes them look more like they’re handwritten.

There are a couple of alternative choices for you if you want to try other Sudoku like games in addition to Red Hot Sudoku.  I encourage you to try EA’s version, and Futoshiki. Futoshiki is awesome, and adds a new twist with < and > symbols.

The one review available is by a professional puzzle maker.  The reviewer provides good insight on what can be done to make the puzzles trickier.   The interface is great.  I hope more reviewers will post because I’m curious to know what they think about this one compared to the other Sudoku Kindle games out there.  It is also good to get perspectives from players of all skill levels.