Word Soup

Word Soup is a another good word game for the Kindle. The object of the game is to find as many words as you can in a scrambled grid of letters.

The minimum amount of letters you need to have to form a word is three.  So no scrimping by with “an” or “is” or “it”!

Word Soup is like Scrabble in that you gain more points with words that have more unique letters than words with more common ones.  So, a word that contains a lot of common letters and vowels won’t be worth as much as one that has say: “J”.

When you find a word, connect each letter by selecting them with the 5-way toggle button. When you select each letter, and arrow is formed to connect them together. Click the toggle again when you’re done and the letters disappear from the grid.

On the side of the screen, there are keyboard shortcuts for you to use. You can quickly access the Rules, or shuffle the grid, for instance.  I wish more Kindle games would make it this easy to reference these tools.

One thing I like about Word Soup, is that it does a good job of distinguishing the selected letters from the rest. The blocks turn into circles. One suggestion might be to make the highlights a little more prominent so the cursor can be followed a little easier.

This is an easy game to pick up, but finding the words can be a challenge. You can play for speed with the timer, or you can play in an untamed, relaxed mode.

I think kids and adults alike will enjoy Word Soup.  Kids can have some fun while practicing their spelling. Overall, it is pretty intuitive graphic wise, and easy to navigate.

There are so many good Kindle word games to choose from.  This is great if you are a fan of word games, or want to work on your spelling skills.  A couple of suggestions: Scripps Spelling Bee and Scrabble are great Kindle games to try.


“I bought this today and it is a clever game concept. Instructions and graphics look professional and controls are easy (make sure you at least read the first page of the instructions). Unlike other word search games, the letters don’t need to be in just one direction, so you will have to also look “around the corner” for matching letters. I like the relaxed mode (no timer) and still have to manage to clear the whole field, but over all the game play is intuitive and it was fun to play right from the start. “

Scrabble for Kindle

Scrabble has been a real hit for Kindle users since its release on September 23.  It includes a lot of cool features to help you improve your playing strategy..

The Kindle edition of Scrabble includes both solo and multi player versions.  In the solo game, you’ll play against a computer with a choice of three difficulty level settings.  The Best Word feature provides you with the best word options that would make the most out of the double and triple word scores for a turn.  Too bad you don’t have that hint with the regular board game. I’m sure many people will make good use of this feature.

Statistics tracking is included to help you strive to improve your game each time you play.  You can also take a look at past moves that both you and your opponent have made throughout the game.  It looks like the players are going to have to get a lot more secretive about the way they play strategically.

The reviews for the Kindle edition of Scrabble are great, and one reviewer pointed out that the Kindle’s five way controller makes playing the game really easy.

Another reviewer noted that the graphics are well done, and the game has just enough complexities to justify the higher price of $4.99.  This is about the same price as the best games on the iPad and iPod touch.  So you get what you pay for in most cases.  When I think of paying $5 for this game versus $30 or more for a Nintendo DS game, it puts things into perspective.

The full board on the regular Kindle is quite small, but the new and improved graphics on the latest generation allows it to remain crisp and easy to see.  The Kindle DX certainly provides more board room on its bigger screen if you have one.

As for the game itself, Scrabble is a challenge.  It is fun to come up with creative or crazy words.  I get a real kick out of beating the “unbeatable” experienced players.  Now, with the game available on my Kindle, I can take it anywhere and play it while I wait for the bus, the doctor’s office or at home on a rainy afternoon.

For more information about Scrabble, check out this Kindle Scrabble review on Kindle Review Blog.