I can definitely see why a vast majority of the reviews for the Kindle version of Slingo say it is addicting.  I would play it all night if I could.

Slingo is a mix of slots and bingo.  You spin the tiles and match them up with the row above it.  There’s a 25 tile grid that is broken up into columns and rows of 5.  All of the tiles have random numbers on them.

Jokers are wild cards.  If you get that in the slot tiles, you can match it up to any of the above tiles.  You can use the Kindle’s 5 way toggle to navigate the game and initiate a spin.

You may also use the Kindle’s keyboard to spin the slots. Press “S”.  That’s the obvious choice.  Speaking of the cursor, I think it needs to be more prominent.  It took me awhile to find it.  That might be different for someone who has normal vision, as opposed to one who is visually impaired.

Aside from the cursor, the graphics are crisp and clear.  The numbers are really easy to see.  At the top, there is a guide that tells you when you’re out of spins, and if you’ve won bonus points.

Ellen Bridges

“I was really surprised to see “SLINGO”, an old favorite of mine, suddenly available for my Kindle. Years ago I had a hand-held version, and to this day it had remained my favorite Slingo. The newer ones have gone off on too many tangents. I’m happy to report that this version of Slingo is almost the same as the original!”

Kindle games have done well in matching the look and feel of old favorites.  I’ve seen this sentiment in quite a few reviews of other Kindle games in addition to  Slingo.

So, to sum it up this is definitely a great game to add to your Kindle game collection.  It is easy to master, addictive, and a fun way to pass the time.

A.M. Hill

“Make sure you have ample battery life, because you’ll be at this for quite some time. I didn’t read any reviews before I bought this, but I wish I had. This is TOTALLY addictive and you won’t be able to stop. I have other games, however none come to mind that I’ve practically spent almost 48 hours playing! Egads, I can’t imagine what Amazon will top this with. Two of my favorites Slots and Bingo? Good luck if you don’t heed the warnings.”