Spelling Star

All Kindle games should model their graphics after Spelling Star as far as font size and clarity goes. The words are huge.

This game is geared more towards kids in the lower levels, but it uses your age to figure out what level to start you at. There are over 1000 words, and they have a very wide range of difficulty levels.

Spelling Star  as a whole is great for all ages. After taking a few minutes to get a hang of the game, I mastered all of the games pretty quickly, and moved on to the next level.

The games are timed, so make sure you complete all of the words before the clock runs out. It is better to get a word incorrect and get all of them done, than to not finish them.

There’s a little boy who serves as your guide throughout the game. As a young adult, I think he’s kind of amusing looking, but for kids, he’s a lot of fun. He guides you through each step, and explains what to expect in each game. He also tracks your points and lets you know how you did once you complete the games and difficulty levels.

Spelling Star helps you learn or brush up on your adjectives, verbs, and nouns. It also has sentences that you choose the best word for. Then, of course you have correct spellings and anagrams.

Navigation is pretty straightforward. I just used the keyboard to type in the letters. If you need to do anything else, the game will prompt you. I like that Spelling Star doesn’t over use the 5-way toggle. The only drawback to using the keyboard is that it is kind of small. So, finding the right keys can eat into time. But, you should be fine once you get the feel for the layout of the keyboard.

For more spelling related games, try Scripps Spelling Bee. It includes words from the National Spelling Bee list, and is more puzzle focused than direct spelling.  Also, if you want to work on your Spanish, try the Spelling Star: Spanish Edition.


“This is soooo much fun. I really didn’t expect it to be, but it has several different challenges and 100 levels. Really makes you think. Not very fond of being timed and at first I didn’t think I’d like it. But I’m hooked and it boosted me to Level 38 after a few minutes of play.”