Texas Hold’em for Kindle

texas hold'emFor about 4 bucks you can get Texas Hold‘em for the Kindle, a fun poker game created by EA.  This popular poker game can be played with up to 5 people via Pass n’ Play.  EA has a good record so far for games on the Kindle and this one continues the trend.

In Texas Hold’em, you have three difficulty levels to choose from, as well as six different characters in Career Mode.  You can also play one on one or in tournaments.  Texas Hold‘em is an easy game to learn, and the Kindle version has a built in Advisor setting to help you out.  You can access this setting by pressing “A” on the keyboard.  One reviewer made a good point about the Advisor.  It can provide common sense advice, but sometimes a winning hand is based on just plain luck.

One thing that the Kindle edition has that the physical card game doesn’t, is stats.  That is, unless you write them down yourself.  You can track your stats that the Kindle has automatically created for you, and see your playing history.  That’s pretty cool, and you can use your past experiences to get better and better with each game.

One review suggested some good improvements that EA should include in the game.  It should be able to hold 8-10 people instead of just 5.  Players should be allowed to play against other Kindle users via wireless or 3G networks.  Both of these would be great additions for any of the games available on the Kindle.  The Pass ‘N Play feature is nice, but it would be easier to play against users with their own Kindles.  Plus, that would give you the option of playing with someone remotely.

Texas Hold’em works the best on the third generation Kindle, but first generation Kindle users are out of luck unless someone comes up with a way to make it compatible.  There have been several complaints about this issue in the reviews.

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