Scripps Spelling Bee: Word Games

First off, you might want to move fast if you want to purchase Scripps Spelling Bee.  There’s an 0.99 sale going on right now, and it ends on August 29.  That’s just two days away.

I can now add Scripps Spelling Bee to my list of favorite Kindle games.  It includes three games: Word Search, Mystery Bee, and Honeycomb Hunt.

Word Search is an old familiar puzzle game that everyone knows about.  You use the 5-way toggle to select words that are vertical, horizontal and diagonal across the grid.  As you drag your cursor across the word, it will highlight the whole word.  It wasn’t too terribly challenging.

Mystery Bee is a lot like Hangman, but instead of a man, this version uses a bee.  Fill in the word before you complete all of the parts of the bee, obviously  Getting the letters wrong leads to parts being added.  As I said, its is pretty much the same as Hangman.  If you get enough points, you can use them to get hints and context clues.

Don’t be fooled by the “easy” levels.  They still have words that don’t come up in everyday language.  You’ll know what I mean.  I won’t reveal any because I don’t want to spoil the game.

In my opinion, Honeycomb Hunt was the hardest game in the whole collection.  You have to rotate sets of three honeycombs to create words from a list.  You use the 5-way toggle to highlight the honeycombs, and press previous or next page to move them counter clockwise and clockwise.

From the results list, you can select your favorite words and use them in the games.  You can select up to 60 words.

The graphics are really sharp.  I think the quality beats the other word games out there.  I can see why people would be confused at how this collection of game relates to spelling.  My best answer to this is that you are using the Scripps Spelling Bee words.  You’re also learning new words while you play the games.  For Mystery Bee, you’re also using your spelling skills to complete words.  If you want to try a more direct spelling game, try Spelling Star.

If you need instructions on how to play any of the three games in the collection, use the instruction manual provided in the game.  It is very helpful.  I tried just playing Honeycomb Hunt on my own, but didn’t realize that I had to use previous and next page buttons instead of the 5-way toggle to switch the honeycomb orders around.


I was really surprised to see so few reviews.