Trivial Pursuit Master Edition

One of the things that you will definitely notice in EA Kindle games over others is the quality, which makes them a little more expensive.  Trivial Pursuit is no exception.

I thought the Kindle version of Trivial Pursuit was a good game.  The biggest advantage of it over the regular board game is portability.  You don’t have to worry about losing pieces when you travel.

The game includes three modes: Classic, Pursuit, and Pass N’ Play.  The Classic Mode is the same type of thing as the regular board game.  You roll the dice and answer questions in literature, entertainment, science and history.  I am really bad at trivia, but I learned a lot as I went through the questions.

Pursuit is a timed game.  You have to answer quests and get across a board in as few moves as possible before the time runs out.  Work to improve your speed strategies and trivia skills as you race against the clock.

Pass N’ Play is the traditional game, but instead of playing against the Kindle, you can play against family or friends.  I always go for playing against human beings over a computer, don’t you?

The graphics are great, but the subject symbols on the board were a little hard to see.  I take into account that EA has a lot to fit into such a small screen.  I really like that there is a tutorial to guide you.

The reviews overall were not very favorable.  One thing I noticed in several reviews was that Trivial Pursuit focused on a lot of entertainment questions across all subjects.  From what I’ve seen, the questions seem to fit into their respective subjects.

Trivia Pursuit is available on the newest generation Kindle as well as older models.

Jeremy Johnson

“This game works well on the kindle and I enjoyed playing it. Games includes 3 modes; Classic: which is your normal trivial pursuit, you can select if you want a computer opponent to play against and their difficulty as well as how many tokens you need to win. Pursuit Mode: which is a single player mode where you try to get from start to finish in the least amount of questions. You can move 1-6 spaces depending on how quickly you answer and even if you get it wrong you still move 1 space. At the end it gives you 1, 2, or 3 stars depending on how many questions you saw. Pass N play is a group mode that you can play with your friends. In pass n play mode you can still select Classic or Pursuit mode.”