Ultimate Halloween Quiz

HandyX has a number of subject based quizzes that cover literature, science, nature, math and pop culture.

It is only natural that they would add a Halloween Quiz to their growing collection.  Out of all of the Halloween Kindle apps, I’m the most excited about this one because it can make for a fun trivia night.  Get ready for some spooky trivia fun!

Ultimate Halloween Quiz might be more geared towards adults and teens than kids because of the challenging nature of the questions.  There were a number of movie titles that I didn’t recognize, but a horror movie buff would probably know a lot better.

Usually the quizzes are set up so that you might go through a string of really hard questions, then get an easy one.  I laughed out of comic relief when I got the first easy one.  Know anything about witches?

So here’s a little sample of the types of questions I’ve seen.  There are 500 total.  That is about half the amount that are in the other quiz games. I’ve seen questions about Halloween movies, candy, history, and magic, and more.

Did you know that there is such a thing as Rocky Road crunch bars?  I’ve only heard of Rocky Road Ice Cream.  The unique questions even for something like candy certainly makes Ultimate Halloween Quiz a lot more interesting.

The game is set up as:   Continuous and Round by Round Untimed, and Continuous and Round by Round Timed.  I prefer working through the whole set at my own pace because I don’t do as well against the clock, but others might prefer to work on both speed and knowledge.

The Round by Round set up would be perfect for a Halloween party.  I’m thinking teams that can race each other to answer each question.  The team with the most right answers win.  It would work well on an individual competition basis.

The navigation is through the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button.  Use it to select your answer, then the game will prompt you to select your final answer.  With the movies I just guessed my way through, but found that if I went with my gut instinct, I got more right.  Some of it can be done through context as well.

I didn’t have any problem figuring out where to select my answers.  If you are new to the game or Kindle games in general, there is a help guide available.

Ultimate Halloween Quiz is only 0.99, and is available on the latest generation $79 Kindle, as well as earlier models.