Word Quest

Word Quest is basically a huge set of Word Search puzzles.  I really enjoyed playing this game because it does a good job in guiding you through the game, has awesome graphics, and includes customizations.  Out of all of the word and number puzzle games, word searches are my favorite.

When you first start Word Quest, you will get a prompt that will ask if you want to review the instructions.  I think that is is a good idea to review them because they have tips and suggestions that you might not know about by just playing the game.

Basically, there are 50 puzzles ranging in difficulty levels.  Each of the puzzles have themes.  Example:  Spring/Summer.  The word list is huge, so if you restart the same puzzle, you’ll get a different set of words, or the same words in different locations.  In typical word search fashion, the words are hidden vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.  Some are backwards.

Select the words with the Kindle’s 5-way toggle button.  Select the beginning and end letter and it will highlight the whole word.  You can customize how you mark each word.  Some might prefer not marking the word at all on the grid, but instead have it marked off on the list.

Word Quest includes font size adjustments.  This is a feature that I wish all Kindle games had.  Some are so small I have to squint to read the letters.  You can also change the font style.  I really like how there are so many controls that are in the hands of the user.

There are a ton of word game puzzles on the Kindle.  You can also try Word Search.  It also is a good game.  But, Word Quest is my favorite out of all of the word games.  Not too shabby deal for just $2!

There needs to be more reviews.  Word Quest is over two months old, so I hope more people will give it a try and share their experience.

Ed Pegg

“I’ve liked several programs by Compulab (Calendar, Peg Solitaire), so i thought I’d check out this one.

It’s a fairly standard word search puzzle. In each, use the 5-way locator to pick the first and last letter of a word. That word is then circled, and crossed off the list.

There are 10 each of Casual (12×12), Apprentice (13×13), Pro (14×14), Expert (15×15), and Masters (16×16) level, for 50 puzzles in all.”